Wednesday, December 17, 2008

School Holidays!

After a (very) hectic end to the school year, I am so glad to be on holidays! Wahoo! (To cut a long story short, Muphy's Law was playing havoc with our reporting software and the computers....)

On Friday night we had our School Presentation Evening. It all went very well, and the slideshow that I did showcasing the years events went well. We're selling a DVD of photos from the year as a fundraiser and have got several orders for that which is great. I will miss our 5 Year Six students next year, they are such lovely girls. I know it will be great to see next year's Year Six students grow and mature through the year.

Cameron received a certificate for being
a 'great listener, thinker and contributor'

Sunday saw our Sunday School Christmas Production. Cameron and Nathan were both shepherds. Cameron was the 'head shepherd'.

Yesterday Nathan's Kinder had their concert - so cute! Nathan was a elf and so were his favorite kinder friends Joshua, Ned and Kaiden. He has one day left of Kinder and then it's no more Kinder ever for our family. Bit sad, but am really looking forward to Nathan being at school with Cameron next year. Nathan is really looking forward to it too. We've been really happy with St Andrew's Kinder, Anne and Helen-Mary have been fantastic teachers.

Nathan and Anne

Nathan and Helen-Mary

'Singing in the Rain'

Since Nathan loves to dress up he can't wait to try on his school uniform, he has been taking his school bag wherever he goes and showing anyone who comes to our home.

This week I'll be busily sewing as I have quite a few hooded towel orders to do. They will be done by friday (that's the plan anyway) and then I'll be getting ready for my family's Christmas lunch which will take place this Sunday as Andrew is working on Christmas Day. My Christmas shopping is almost all done. I musn't forget to wrap the presents - last year saw us busily wrapping presents at Midnight on Christmas Eve as we had forgotten to do it earlier - something we don't want to repeat this year....

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