Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wooden Grape Boxes

Wahoo! I won eight of these gorgeous boxes on ebay for a bargain price!

I'm planning on using them for storing stuff in my pantry, laundry and mudroom (they'll be great for shoes in the mudroom!) Gonna make some tags or stencil initials or numbers on the ends/sides. Will pick them up hopefully on Saturday!

So excited!

Some Time to Myself

My boys are staying at Nanny and Grandad's for a couple of days while we are on school holidays.

I have two full days to myself.

I love time by myself! It's when I recharge.

I love not having to answer questions every two minutes.

I love the quiet house.

I love not having to argue about why we need to go to the shops to buy milk.

I love not having to tie shoelaces.

I love not needing to remind the boys to brush their teeth.

I love not having to referee arguments.

I love making something for tea that will be eaten without a fuss.

I miss my boys!

My boys @ Santa Monica

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Side Table - Before and After

I bought this little table at the Salvos for $10. I wanted something to put beside our smaller couch in the family room so I can put stuff on it, like my coffee and munchies, etc...   Not a particularly attractive table - esp with veneer on the top - nothing a little primer,  spray paint and a sanding block can't fix!




Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Junior MasterChef!

We're watching Junior Master Chef and I'm trying not to cry at the kids and their proud parents, then Nathan comes out with this plate for me. 

I'm already blubbering over JMChef. 

He has gone into the kitchen and asked me if I like bananas. 

He wants to cook like the kids on JMChef! 

We're making an apron for him tomorrow and then will cook something. 

Pity the oven is not working and needs to be fixed.

Naturally Nath didn't want his picture taken...

Love the Light

Our new light fitting for our bedroom!

Classical Elegance!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Before and After

Our chest of drawers - finally finished. Mark helped me put the handles on (or rather, I helped Mark put the handles on).  I'm really pleased with how they've turned out.


And to refresh your memory, here are the bedside tables...



I'm in love with them!

I'll be working on the bed head tomorrow. I hope it won't be long till I can do the 'reveal'!!!

The Adventures of Renee and Sandra

Let me start by saying that our husbands will never, ever let us take off to the countryside for a drive on our own again!

You can read Renee's account of the day here.

Wednesday began with a trip to the city to get Nathan's nobraces plates.

Nath having 'before' photos taken of his mouth.
These photos were taken two weeks earlier when
they took a mould of his mouth to make the plates.
He doesn't wear his school uniform during the holidays!

Renee called in at 2:30 and we were off to Bendigo to pick up their puppy! (After spending the weekend at Rye with us and our little dog Charlotte, they were ready to get themselves a Cav.)

So we drove up to a little town near Bendigo where we were going to meet the Breeder. We waited and waited, the kids played on some old ploughs while constantly asking us "When is the breeder coming?" "When do we see the puppy?". By 4:30 we knew that she wasn't coming. Renee rang her husband Mark who called the Breeder and was told that they were on their way to Melbourne, even though we'd called the Breeder when we arrived at the designated meeting spot in Marong. That phone call was responded to with an "Oh, ok" and then they hung up. There had been a lady in the car park at the arranged meeting place. She had a dog crate in her car. She drove off quickly after we had got out of our cars (two cars, we can't all fit in one car). We wondered if that had been her, it just all seemed a bit strange.

So we decided to go into Bendigo, give the kids an early dinner (5pm) at Maccas and decide what we'd do next. Renee's husband Mark had been on the phone to another breeder (St Luke) and told them of our troubles and they said "Oh, there's a terrible breeder in Bendigo, she's been breeding for about 30 seconds and her dogs are rubbish." It was the one and the same breeder we were trying to meet. Anyway St Luke's had a puppy for us.They were about an hour and a half away from Bendigo so we decided to drive there to get a puppy.  Renee said that I didn't have to come, but I knew that if it was me, I'd rather have someone with me especially as it was getting late.

We drove through some beautiful country side, if it wasn't getting late, we both would have stopped many times to take photos of the canola and wheat fields, hay stacks and old farm houses.  We were met at the Logan pub (which looked like a tiny old house) by the breeder's husband who drove us several kms along a dirt road to their home.

Waiting at the Logan Pub

When we got to the breeder's home, we were greeted with the barks from about a dozen Cavs and a beautiful little pudding of a Blenheim Cav that was to be called Toby. Cherie the breeder was very nice and was very happy that the pup was going to a home with children. Toby seemed to love all the attention. Steph even threw her arms around the breeder and hugged her and thanked her for letting them have her puppy! Awwwwwwww! Wish I'd got a photo!

Meeting Toby

He IS in there somewhere!

Kids in the cage, dog out!

Nath and Toby

Some of the other dogs

Toby's mum and the breeder

Eden and Toby

Kangaroo damage to car.
VERY lucky it wasn't worse!!!

After an hour we left the breeder with Toby and headed to Kangaroo Flat (near Bendigo) to meet our 'Marks'.  My Mark had decided that he'd pick Renee's Mark up after work and they'd drive up to Bendigo to meet us.  We were half way to Bendigo when Renee hit a roo. Renee was following me, so I was amazed that it had come in between our cars. I didn't see Renee flashing her lights at me to get me to stop, so it was a few minutes till I realized that she was far behind me. I pulled over and she pulled over too. I couldn't believe that she'd hit a roo! The car seemed to be still drive-able and thankfully no one was hurt (although we don't know about the roo!). We cautiously headed to Kangaroo Flat (LOL - how appropriate!) where we met our hubbys at Maccas (again) and had a coffee, the kids had a play, and the Marks got to meet Toby.

Renee and Toby!

It was well after 9pm that we left Kangaroo Flat in convoy with the roo damaged car between Mark and I. We made it home after 11pm.

What a day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

time to panic!

There's so many things I need and want to do ATM. I'm procrastinating over the things I need to do (like housework). I have soooooooo many DIY plans and sewing ideas, I just don't know where I want to begin. Maybe I should finish some projects that need finishing before I start on something new. But my new ideas are so exciting to me! I can't wait to do them and turn them from an idea into reality. Well, time to get away from my mac and go do one of those projects.

One of those fun and exciting projects.

Not housework.

Not ironing.

Not dishes.

The End!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Away

This weekend we took some friends down to Rye to enjoy a weekend away from home with us!  The time went way too fast and before we knew it we were driving home again. 

The kids all love Mark!

We came out wearing similar clothes on Saturday!
lol - Great minds think alike!

Marky, Mark... and....

the Funky Bunch!


@ Arthur's Seat

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My supervisor

Thought I'd share a pic of my supervisor. She's making sure I do a good job.

Awwwwwww! Isn't she cute???

Dressing our bedroom

Today I went shopping with one of my friends. We went to the homemaker center and DFO in Essendon to buy the finishing touches for her newly furnished bedroom. I was so excited to be asked to help decorate her room! We bought some lovely candlesticks and vases for her room. We looked at lots of picture frames and other decorative items. She just has to choose some new lamps and a couple of frames and her room will be done.  Unfortunately we got home too close to school pick up time to be able to put it all together, so I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of her room all done!

Of course while we were shopping I also had my eye open for things that would look good in our bedroom, not newly furnished like my friend's one, but furnished with newly 'redone' furniture.  So this is what I came home with....

I was so pleased to find Euro pillowcases (300 thread count) for $4.99 - instead of $24.95 - at 'House'. 

see the price tag!!!

Now I've just got to finish the bedhead (and make the footer too!) and then our room will be done. Oh, and I probably should make some pelmets for our curtains.

Stay tuned for what I'm going to do with the jar, beaded ribbon and the round coaster things!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before and after!

I am so excited about how these have turned out!!!!


Let's see that again!!!!


And once more just for the record and because I'm so excited about how they've turned out! Eat your heart out PHL!



Here's the big chest of drawers - almost finished - just gotta put the handles on...

Close up view of the handles I bought on ebay...

Click here to see how I did it!

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