Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bedroom furniture redo

Since we 'upgraded' to a King size bed, we needed to get a King size headboard for our bed. We saw one at Provincial Home Living that we loved, but didn't want to pay almost $1000 for, so instead of buying one, we decided that we'll sell our old bed (on e-bay) and then make a new one.

 I've been obsessively reading hundreds of blogs about making headboards and along the way decided that we should also do something with our bedside tables and chest of drawers to match the new bedhead.  Many of the DIY blogs also feature how to redo furniture. Since I fell in love with the black bed that we saw at PHL we decided to go with black - I'm hoping that it will bring an elegance to our room.

This is a little bit of the bed that we liked at PHL.
I was a bit sneaky and took the pic on my phone.
Not sure if you're allowed to take photos in store...

Bed in white at PHL

So our bedsides that are chipped and chewed - by our oldest child (not the dog) when he was getting teeth are getting painted and revamped to match the bed.

Bedside - Before

Chest of Drawers - Before

New handles - ebay!

So I began by taking the ipod out to the garage (I must have music to sing along to - Glee is the flavor of the month at the moment).

I cut some moulding and I liquid nailed it to the drawer fronts of the bedsides.

Then I puttied, sanded, primed and painted them.

Spray paint gives a smooth finish,
no brush marks and lines. 

This yellow thing is so handy.
My finger was getting so sore pushing
the nozzle thingie.

So now I'm waiting for them to dry so I can make the final finishing touches with some sandpaper and then put on the handles. Hoping to have them in our room tonight, I'm so over having a cardboard box for a bedside for the past week. So glad today has been a perfect Spring day so that I can paint!  

Will post the final pictures later when they are all finished. Can't wait!

Drawers all painted!

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