Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dressing our bedroom

Today I went shopping with one of my friends. We went to the homemaker center and DFO in Essendon to buy the finishing touches for her newly furnished bedroom. I was so excited to be asked to help decorate her room! We bought some lovely candlesticks and vases for her room. We looked at lots of picture frames and other decorative items. She just has to choose some new lamps and a couple of frames and her room will be done.  Unfortunately we got home too close to school pick up time to be able to put it all together, so I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of her room all done!

Of course while we were shopping I also had my eye open for things that would look good in our bedroom, not newly furnished like my friend's one, but furnished with newly 'redone' furniture.  So this is what I came home with....

I was so pleased to find Euro pillowcases (300 thread count) for $4.99 - instead of $24.95 - at 'House'. 

see the price tag!!!

Now I've just got to finish the bedhead (and make the footer too!) and then our room will be done. Oh, and I probably should make some pelmets for our curtains.

Stay tuned for what I'm going to do with the jar, beaded ribbon and the round coaster things!

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