Sunday, May 29, 2011

May in a nutshell...

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. 

School holidays have been and gone.

Making marshmellows

Mark, Cam and I were diagnosed with whooping cough! We've all been immunized which makes it strange that we did get it. Mark was the only one whose blood test result indicated that he had it, but since Cam and I had the same symptoms as Mark, our Doctor said that it's very likely that we've all got it. Often whooping cough blood tests do come back negative. There seems to be a lot that they don't know about whooping cough, and unfortunately you don't know you have it when you are contagious. It usually begins like a cold, runny nose and sore throat and it's not till you've been coughing for a couple of weeks that you go to the doctor and are tested, which is too late b/c you've already spread it around without realizing it.

Mark and Cam went on school camp. They went to the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement and traveled by train to get there. It was Cameron's first school camp and he had a great time.

I've enjoyed having a few scrap days with Renee where we've scrapped the day away at our computers, exchanging ideas, techniques and inspiring each other.

One of my scrap layouts was 'layout of the week' at Shabby Princess!

Nathan finally began his violin lessons. His teacher is lovely and we're very excited for Nathan.

We celebrated Mother's day with Mark's family by going out for dinner on the Saturday night, and then lunch with my family.  My boys gave me a Pandora bracelet.

We've enjoyed spending time with friends and have had many laughs and lots of fun!

Mark and I have been watching sermons preached by Carter Conlon from Times Square Church New York and have found these really inspiring and challenging.

Our school had a very successful Open Day - and we hope and pray that the families who visited will send their children to our school - not just so we can increase our numbers, but so that more families can be blessed by the way that their children will grow spiritually at our school.

Here are the layouts I've created this month.

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