Sunday, August 21, 2011

May the Force be with you!

Nathan, being the Star Wars fan that he is, decided that once again, he'd have a Star Wars Birthday Party.

Thank goodness for google! Using google and pinterest, I searched for ideas for games and activities that we could use.

After all the children had arrived, Mace Windu (aka Mark) introduced himself and told the kids that they'd be starting their Jedi Training. First up they had to demonstrate that they could concentrate and be able to build their own R2D2 unit.

We cut out white card into an R2D2 shape and then provided lots of bits of coloured card (navy, royal blue, grey, purple and black) that we had precut into various shapes and sizes. Sticker dots were also available to be used for decorating too. I bought some cheap glue sticks and the kids really enjoyed doing this activity.

After this, the kids had to complete an obstacle course.

Stage One was to get past Darth Vader...

Stage Two - down the slide

Stage Three - navigate the stepping stones and try not to fall in the lava!

Stage Four - balancing walk


Stage Five - get past Darth Vader again.

Once each child had mastered the obstacle course, they were awarded with their Jedi or Princess Leia robes (with head piece too!).

I made the costumes using knit fabric (or jersey) because it wont fray. I cut the fabric for the boys at about 50cm wide, and the girls at about 80cm, and then cut a slit that was about 20cm across in the middle of the tunic for their heads. I made the belts just with strips of fabric. For the Princess Leia head bands I cut dark brown knit fabric into 5cm wide strips and plaited three together. Using my glue gun, I glued them while rolling them up, then glued them to a head band. Go to Mother Duck Said: "Let's Party!" for a tutorial on the costumes (coming soon!).

After they received their costumes, they had to show that they had the "moves" to be able to wield a light saber. I made the light sabers. There were a few options we could have used for light sabers. I had planned on using pool noodles, but since it's winter here, they are hard (and expensive) to find. Using balloons as light sabers we'd done at Nathan's last party three years ago - and one of our guests is allergic to latex - so no balloons. The light sabers didn't take long to make and they were certainly used to whack each other with - with no one getting hurt which was a big bonus! Tutorial for the light sabers at Mother Duck Said: "Let's Party!".

Then the kids played a 'freeze' game. When the Star Wars music stopped, the kids had to freeze in a 'Star Wars Jedi Pose' whatever that is, but they seemed to know - ;-)

It was then party food and cake time!

The kids all got to take home their costumes and light sabers.

Nathan said when he went to bed that night "That was the best party ever!"

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Mother Duck said...

Yay! So glad it was his "best party ever!" It was a great day! xxx

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