Thursday, October 6, 2011

you know you live in Australia when... have an interesting visitor...

Mr Wallaby came to visit us on Tuesday morning. As Mark was leaving for work, he heard some commotion, thinking it must have been a pretty big cat, he was surprised to see a Wallaby! We think it must have come from the creek (about 1km away) and been chased by a dog and ended up in our little neck of the woods suburbia.  I called Wildlife Victoria and they sent out someone to dart it and take it away. The wallaby spent time between our front yard and our neighbour's, before jumping over our fence into our neighbour's back yard where it stayed until it was 'rescued'.

Tinker (our neighbour's cat) is NOT impressed
with the visitor who is hiding in her garden!

Peeking over the fence to see the Wallaby
Sniper Girl - had to shoot a dart at it so they could catch it
One very sleepy wallaby who will be taken away
and released somewhere more appropriate
for a wallaby to live

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