Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cup Weekend @ Rosebud

We had a really good time away at Rosebud in our new van. It was so much easier being in the van than the tent!

all set up

Mark and I bought ourselves some 'Giant' hybrid bikes while we were in Rosebud, so we spent some of our time riding our new bikes.

His and Hers - corny hey?

Mark's parents and Kylie were in Rosebud too, staying about 1km up the road, so we rode our bikes back and forth between their site and ours. Poor Nathan had to peddle so fast to keep up with us on our bigger bikes! When we go to Beechworth in the new year, we hope to ride on a bit of the Rail Trail - but I think we'll have to get one of those tandem bike attachments for Nathan to use.

The boys had fun down at the beach, where they paddled in the water looking for interesting shells and buried themselves partly in sand. We also caught up Greg and Phil who came to visit on Saturday, and Chris, Joy, Deanne and Gilbert who came down to stay as well.

buried in the sand

Nathan and Gillie

On Monday Mark took the boys for a ride so that I could have a Nanna Nap, unfortunately, only minutes after they left some workers started up their chainsaws and tree mulchers - only meters from our site! There went any sleep I might have had! UGH!

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