Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bring on the long weekend!

Yesterday we went down to Geelong to pick up the camper trailer. It's really hard to believe that we actually now have our own caravan - especially after wanting to get one for several years. After every camping trip in our tent, we've come home and looked at the trading post at caravans. So finally we have one of our very own!

We set up the van after lunch today. We couldn't do it last night as we wanted to go to our fortnightly Bible study group as we haven't been able to get there too often this year due to Mark's trips to Singapore. We spent most of the afternoon out in the van showing it to my parents, Tracy and her kids, and Kerin and Rick and their girls.

Tonight we are having a movie night in the van. The boys are watching Star Wars VI. They wanted to sleep here, but we thought we'd just have a movie night and then go back inside. Tomorrow we'll put some stuff into the van - crockery, pots, pans, and other things that we plan on keeping in the van. We hope to only have to pack our clothes when we want to go away in the future. We can't wait till next weekend when we go to Rosebud for the weekend and use the van for the first time.

Winding up the van.

Pulling out the bed ends.

Ta Daaaaa!!!!!!!

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