Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today I'll be getting some things organised for Nathan's birthday party which will be on Saturday. As he loves Star Wars, we're having a Star Wars theme. All the kids will be given a Jedi costume and we'll play Star Wars themed games. I'll be spending time today cutting out 14 costumes for the guests, no sewing involved - thank goodness... Mark's going to make the cake - probably a Light Saber - made with Jam Rollettes.

Nathan's party was meant to be in August, but as he, Cameron and Mark all came down with a nasty dose of the flu and then all got secondary infections we had to postpone the party (twice!). So now almost two months after his actual birthday, we're having the party - it has been delayed so long b/c Mark was in Singapore for 3 weeks (and we joined him for his last week) and we couldn't have the party without him.

The boys are quite excited about the party, and have been wearing their Jedi costumes all week - as you can see from yesterday's post's photos.

This was the first invitation.
The boys really love Lego Star Wars on the PS2.
I downloaded a pic from the net and added Nathan's face.

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