Monday, October 13, 2008

Our New Caravan

Yay!!!!! We've finally done it! After debating on and off for the past three years, we finally decided that it was time to get our own van. We decided to buy second hand and had been looking in the Trading Post for a decent used Jayco Campervan.

Presitge Jayco
were having a sale on the weekend, so we thought we'd go down to Geelong for the day, have a picnic and see what the campervans were worth brand new so we know whether the used van prices were reasonable or not. Well, after seeing the new vans and realising that they were cheaper than vans that were 3 years old, we decided that we'd buy a new one! Go figure??????? By the time we add an awning and flys to the cost of the van, we're up for the same price as the second hand ones. Why not get a new one with warrantee and it's new?!?!?!?! So we pick it up in less than two weeks. Can't wait.

Our New Van

We bought the one that we saw 'on the floor', otherwise we'd have to wait till March next year to get the van - far too long in our opinion - we want to use it at Christmas time! The colors in this van were what we would have chosen anyway.

The layout of our new campervan

At Prestige Jayco, they had a jumping castle, face painting and balloons for the kids - which was a great way to keep them happy while we looked at vans. After our purchase, we went to the foreshore park for our picnic. The boys had fun wading in the sea, and then riding their bikes.

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I look forward to seeing what other goodies you have here.

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