Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sovereign Hill

For our last day of school holidays, Mark and I decided that we'd take the boys to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat for the day. 

I couldn't wait to have our family photo taken in the old photographic rooms. 

The boys were soooooo cute!

Rev (LOL) and Mrs Inglis with Cameron and Nathan

After having our photo taken we went to the bowling alley and had some fun knocking down some pins.

After doing the mine tour, we panned for gold.

Then browsed through the shops.

Nath in the lolly shop!

Pouring a 3kg gold bar worth AU $135,000!

After we left Sovereign Hill we went and looked at some car dealerships. We are replacing our Pajero with a newer car. 
Mark driving a Kia Sorento
Our new car. We will pick it up next week sometime. Can't wait!


VS said...

I just found your lovely blog & look forward to following you on life's many adventures.

Jesse said...

What a fun trip! I love the signs, too cute!

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