Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vacation USA - May 2010 - New York City

 We spent three days in New York City. 

Not long enough by any means! 

But we got a taste of the city and it's boroughs. 

We'll go back again one day and stay much longer!

We dropped off Mark's parents, Kylie and the boys (and the luggage!)
at the hotel and then drove the car to New Jersey. 

Then we caught the train back into NYC and the subway to our hotel. 

Not bad for a couple of Aussies who had never been to NYC before!

Mark driving (the Suburban) into NYC!

We stayed at Hotel Belleclaire on the corner of West 77th and Broadway.

Hotel Belleclaire

 We spent time at Times Square. 

And went to M&M world - yum yum!

We did a bus tour of Manhattan.

We saw (the outside of) many wonderful and famous buildings.

Empire State Building

Flat Iron Building

Rockefeller Center

Chrysler Building
Not sure exactly where this church is in NYC

Charging Bull near Wall Street

Guggenheim Museum

We walked around Ground Zero and visited St Paul's chapel. 
It was very sobering visiting this little church.

We strolled through a bit of Central Park.

We did lots and lots and lots of walking.

We caught a subway train from Grand Central Station.

We caught the subway several times
- what a great transport system they have in NYC.

We rode the ferry to Staten Island so we could see the Statue of Liberty.


And we even managed to see a Broadway play! Mamma Mia!

And of course we ate Bagels and bought hot dogs from a street vendor.

I <3 New York!

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