Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forever Friends!

Something that warms a parents heart is knowing that their children have good and wonderful friends who value and love them for who they are.

Last weekend down at Rye, the 'L' family joined us for one night. When I got up the following morning, little Eden came running up to me and wanted a cuddle! Awwwww!

As we were leaving later that day, this is what I saw written on the blackboard... "Cam's my best friend from Josh"  (BTW - I'm pretty impressed that he has used an apostrophe and it's in the correct spot!!!  He must go to a good school - LOL!)

On Friday Steph was "Spotted" (Student of the Week) and in their family (and ours too) if you get "Spotted" you get to choose what your family are going to have for tea (usually that night). She didn't care where her family went for tea, only that the "Inglis" family had to come with them!  Awwwww!

Today Josh drew this picture of him and Cam. "Best Friends Forever!" Oooooooow!

And this next note really made my heart flutter!  Aimee gave it to Steph to pass on to Nathan this morning in church.  They might only be 7 and 5, but boy, do Renee and I hope that they DO match up one day! LOL! - no pressure from their parents of course!

Well, we ARE allowed to dream and pray ;-)


Mother Duck said...

Absolutely! Hoping and praying I am! ;) On a serious note though, it is a WONDERFUL blessing to know that not only are our childrens' relationships based on genuine friendship and acceptance, so are the four grown ups friendships!! Inglis family, you are awesome!

Mother Duck said...

OH and my kids do go to an awesome school but there are also some pretty amazing teachers there too! ;)

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