Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Monday

Hello to a wonderful start to the week! 

Hello Girly Day with my gorgeous friend and her beautiful little girl!

Hello beautiful red coats at Target!
(Which we will probably both buy when they next come on sale!
Yes, Winter is on it's way even if it is only just Autumn!)

Hello trying to get a half decent photo of us in the mirror with our iPhones!

Hello Lunch at Max Brenners! (naughty I know!)

Hello Before

Hello During
Hello After

Hello Chocolate Pizza

Hello waffles and milk chocolate frappe!
Hello diet starts tomorrow!

1 comment:

Mother Duck said...

Hahahah, what a wondeful day it was! Cute red jackets but oh my what an awful photo of me! *giggle* Yummy decadent food, cute filthy bubba, and absolutely hello diet and hello treadmill!! Thanks for a great day! xox

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