Tuesday, July 5, 2011

feels good to get stuff done!

These holidays I am trying to get organized.

On the weekend Mark and I cleaned out the mudroom.

Yesterday I started on the study.

So much material and craft stuff.

It's really hard to keep organized and tidy.

And don't get me started on the boys' bedrooms! UGH!

Anyway, found a link to a Month by Month Storage Plan. Think I'll give it a go. Hope it's helpful.

The first month (January) starts with organizing the Home Office, which is actually what I'm working on now. Here is what they suggest:

  • Create a Mail Station. Set up mailboxes on a desk, wall, or bulletin board. Or give each member of your family his or her own labeled box, bin, or slot. 

  • Stay on Schedule. Hang a large monthly calendar in a spot everyone can see and use it. Choose a paper calendar or dry-erase version, and encourage everyone to write important events, deadlines, and reminders. 

  • Organize Office Supplies. Outfit a desk drawer near your main working area with a divided tray or multiple small bins. Limit the number of office supplies in each compartment. Label each compartment with an adhesive label. 

  • Get Rid of Junk. Test all writing utensils. Toss everything that doesn't work perfectly. Group similar items (pens, pencils, markers, etc) in canisters for easy access.

So off I go to get some stuff done!

1 comment:

Mother Duck said...

Good on you for getting organised. Have a system sounds like a good plan. :)

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