Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Times Ahead

We're heading into the silly season! I already cannot believe how fast this year has gone! Next week I'll start report writing for school - something I dread less and less each year - which is good and shows me that I'm growing as a teacher (and person!).  I've got back my sewing mojo and have been busy sewing little dresses for little girls. You can see them at my etsy store here. I am really enjoying making them and thinking of ways to make each one unique. I'm also considering making some headbands and clips to go with the dresses too.

My little friend in her Pinny with her Ruby-Rose doll!

Red Pinny

Ruffle Dress

On Monday we went to the Children's Park in Woodend for a picnic with friends. The kids all had a great time! And the mum's enjoyed a chat in the sunshine and fresh air.

Nath on the flying fox
Cam on the flying fox

Josh and Cam on the climbing net frame thingie

The boys!

The girls

The kids

My boys

The crazies!

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