Monday, November 8, 2010

A Day of Achievements

Today I re-arranged the boys bedrooms - BIG achievement!!! I had cleaned Nathan's on Friday (another BIG achievement!!!) - two bags of rubbish and one bag to the op shop. He had 'cleaned' it before hand so my 'clean' was a sort, de-clutter and final tidy up. Today I was going to tackle Cam's room but instead I asked the boys if they'd like to share their bedroom and have a 'toy room'. They were both very excited about the idea. They haven't shared for a few years so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I'm hoping that it will mean their 'bedroom' will stay tidy - I don't care too much about the toy room, but they will be expected to keep it fairly tidy.

Boys' Shared Bedroom

Mum made the boys' Star Wars cushions.
She used my brother's old Star Wars doona cover,
cut out the pictures and appliqued them onto the cushion.
I think they look fantastic!

Tonight after tea, Mark started to install our new clothes line. We had to take out our Rotary Hills Hoist because we put in our shed and they both couldn't fit in the same area so we bought a wall mounted line. It's going to be good to have an out door washing line again since it's been over two months since we put in the shed.

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Renee said...

Good on you! Love the cushions on their beds too!

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