Monday, January 24, 2011

It's time

Time to diet.



Oh well, it has to be done. I'm sick of carrying around an unnecessary 29kg! (64 pounds)

So I am starting today. I've just had a healthy breakfast and plan to drink lots of water today.

I've joined Spark People which is an online weight loss approach and the best bit - it's FREE!

My wonderful friend is going to join me and we'll keep each other accountable with food choices and exercise.  Accountability is a big part of being successful in losing weight.

Mark and I at my cousin's wedding in 2004. I was 52kg after losing 24kg over 6 months.

I've struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. Only, when I was a teenager, I had the opposite problem - I was under weight! When I finished secondary school and wasn't walking to and from school each day my weight started to creep up. Getting married and having a car to drive created new habits that might not have been the best for me. Slowly, over time, I went from a size 8 (when I was 16) to a 10 to a 12, to a 14. I have fluctuated between size 14 and 16 for many years.

Two months after the birth of our second child I decided that it was time to do something more serious and I went and saw a dietitian. Over nine months I lost 24kg - taking me to 52kg! I saw my dietitian every two weeks to be weighed and measured and have my food diary checked.

I swore I'd never go back to the size that I had been before. I said that I would not let myself go over 55kg. But there was always 'tomorrow'...

Unfortunately for me, not long after losing the weight and maintaining it for almost one year, I needed to go on medication. Whether it was the medication, the health problem I was facing, or just going back to old habits, I put on weight again... I have been on this medication for the past 6 years (with a time of about two years off it during that time).

But now I've decided that enough is enough! It's time to stop making excuses and 'just do it'!

Me now
 I am also going to blog about my weight loss on another blog I have called the Yummy Weigh. I began this blog last year when I was trying to lose weight, so it's time to get back to it and actually do it!

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Nee said...

Good on you! i know you can do it!

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