Friday, July 9, 2010

A date with my youngest.

Cam was invited to a friend's b'day party to see Toy Story 3, so I decided that it would be a nice opportunity to spend some time with the youngest boy.
Me: What would you like to do?
Um, you could buy me a Ben 10 watch.
No, you've already spent all of your pocket money. We could have breakfast at Mc Donalds, and have some pancakes?
How about we go to the shops and you can look at the toys.
Yes, and I could get a Ben 10 watch.

This is where I reminded him that he has no more pocket money and he informs me that he still has $5.
Me: Okay, if you see something you like that is $5 you can get it.
So off we trot to Target. Lo and behold they have the Ben 10 watch there. No prices on the shelf so we pick up one and take it to the price checker scanner thing. $11.95. Huh? Aren't they $29??? Scan it again. $11.95. Cool.
Me: Well you can get it if you like.
I figure that since I'm not coughing up for breakfast I can give the extra $7 for this watch that he has been nagging us for forever. We go back and look at the Ben 10 stuff some more and notice that the watch he has chosen is slightly different from the others there. We check the price on one of the others and it is $29. The one that my youngest picked up must be old stock, not the latest model. He doesn't care. And I'm quite happy to not have to spend $29 buying it for his birthday next month.

So we leave Target after getting some clothes and head over to Toy World where we look at more Ben 10 stuff. I buy some of those bead things you iron for $3 instead of $7, they will be fun to do when we get home. Good for the fine motor skills and provides something to do on the holidays. Gee I love a bargain!

I offered to buy Nath some warm, fresh, cinnamon yummy donuts at Donut King for morning tea - "No thanks." he says. I'm not sure that he is my child...

Notice the Ben 10 watch...

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