Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My favourite shoes...

When we were in the States in May, we bought some cowboy boots from Boot Barn for a friend of ours as he'd asked us to get him some while we were over there. Mark decided the following day that he should get some for him self too, I encouraged him as he never lashes out and spends any money on himself. So he decided to buy some for the boys as well. I wasn't planning on getting any, but couldn't resist once we went back to the store.

I just love my cowboy boots and I probably wear them more than Mark and the boys do. I added the 'who likes wearing cowboy boots' bit to my blog's title b/c sometimes I like to do something a bit different... and wearing my Ariat Western Boots is something I do for myself, I don't wear them to impress anyone (cause frankly that wouldn't really impress anyone here in Oz anyway). I'm not really sure why I like them so much, maybe it fulfils some deep longing to be living life on the land somewhere different from where I do live. I know that as much as I'd love to live out in the country, I couldn't live too far from my family, friends and church - and we have a hard enough time looking after our 1/4 acre piece of paradise let alone something larger!

We saw these Jesse boots in the Disney Store while in the States - I soooooo would have bought a pair for myself if they came in my size!

But we did buy them for several little girls we know ;)

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