Monday, September 15, 2008

Diary of our trip to Singapore - Day 2

Saturday 6th of September
We all had the buffet breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. Apart from the usual western buffet breakfast items (cereal, fruit, toast, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, french toast, pastries, baked beans etc...) you could also have lettuce, tomato, been shoots, cheese and crackers, ham, and then theres some items that I just could not stomach for breakfast - noodles, fried rice, fish, congee - which is a rice porridge type thing with pickled and/or dried stuff that you can sprinkle on top, steamed bun - filled with a bean paste, soup - usually a fish one, and other menu items that I would be happier eating later in the day.

After breakfast, we headed over to Suntec City for a browse through the shopping center there. Shops don't usually open until 10am in Singapore, but we found on this day that most shops didn't open until midday! Shops are open until late in the evening. We shopped for a few bits and pieces that we needed and browsed through some toy stores - where we watched some kids who were competing in a rubics cube competition - one handed!

After having a look in a toy shop that sells allsorts of Star Wars Collectables and a general browse, we tried to find something that the boys might like for lunch. Food courts are difficult to find in shopping centers in Singpore, there are take away outlets for various foods, but very few places to sit down to eat them. Hot chips are only found at Macca's. I bought the boys a sandwich, but it ended up being toasted so they wouldn't have a bar of it, so they went without lunch and we caught a taxi back to the hotel where we spent time in the pool for the afternoon.

After the swim, we got changed and caught a taxi to the Night Safari. Before going into the Night Safari Park, we tried to take some photos of the boys, after the first good one with the crocodile, they were getting tired and grumpy so they would not cooperate with any more smiles. After getting KFC for tea (potato and gravy is included in their meals, not chips like here- you can order them separately) we browsed the shops at the zoo (including one that you can have your feet nibbled by little tiny fish to remove the dead skin cells from your feet! I think that would have tickled!)

We bought these really cute hats for the boys and they were very excited about them, not that you can tell from the photos!

We saw "Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!" and bats, quite a few different species of deer, bats, cats, and other wild safari animals. It was really good, but wouldn't recommend to families with young children (especially the day after we got into Singapore and they were still operating on Melbourne time! What were we thinking? It would have been better to have waited until the following friday evening...) Nathan fell asleep on the 2nd stage of the tram ride, so we didn't get to go on the second walk where you can see more of the animals. The boys slept most of the way back to the hotel.

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