Monday, September 15, 2008

Diary of our trip to Singapore - Day 9

Saturday 13th of September

Today is our last day in Singapore.

We visited the Merlion before walking to China Town where we looked for Traditional Chinese costumes for the Cameron and Nathan. Once we had bought them, the boys couldn't wait to return to the hotel to put them on.

We packed up our cases and checked out of the room and then spent a couple of hours by the pool before heading on out to Changi Airport - boys back in costume! Nathan fell asleep in the taxi on the way.

As you can imagine, we got many looks and smiles from people enjoying the site of two anglo boys in traditional Chinese costumes. One lady even took a photo of Nathan because she thought he was so cute. Before boarding the plane, Nathan got changed, but Cameron wore his costume most of the way home. The boys both slept most of the way home, unfortunately, Mark and I didn't. It took ages to get through customs as three (or maybe four) planes all arrived within a short space of time. Finally we were out and into a Maxi Taxi! Home looked so big after being in a little hotel room for over a week!

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