Monday, September 15, 2008

Diary of our trip to Singapore - Day 6

Wednesday 10th of September

We went to the Singapore Zoo today. It was very humid there. Singapore Zoo is on a par with the Melbourne Zoo, but at the Melbourne Zoo you can't ride an elephant! The gardens were just beautiful. We saw and thoroughly enjoyed the 'Elephants at Work and Play' show where we were sprayed several times by the elephants! It was really enjoyable and interesting to watch the show and learn about how elephants have been used in the logging industry in Asian countries. After seeing the elephant show, we had lunch (large fruit cups for $3) and then we wandered around the monkey section.

Animals at the Zoo *

Time to ride an elephant for the bargain price of $8 for an adult and $4 for a child. Unfortunately Cameron didn't want to have a ride, but that didn't stop Nathan and I! The elephant had a very bony back and it's hide was tough and hair very coarse.

A highlight for the boys was the children's playground section of the Zoo. Here was a slightly grungy playground - but with a large shallow pool of water with fountains and squirters that the kids can play in. I took the boys shorts and shoes and socks off and they ran around in the water and had a great and refreshing time. Recommend taking bathers and a travellers towel (not that it took long for the boys legs and feet to dry anyway...)

Mark and Cameron went and saw Clone Wars at Great World City. Movies are only $7.50 per adult in Singapore.

* Animals at the Zoo
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