Monday, September 15, 2008

Diary of our trip to Singapore - Day 3

Saturday 6th of September - Father's Day
Breakfast in the Dining room again. Love the watermelon and pineapple here!
We went to Orchard Road today. Orchard Road is the main shopping district here in Singapore. First port of call was to the Forum Plaza - a plaza that mainly caters for children. You'll find children's stores of Ralph Lauren, Guess, DKNY, and others. Toys R Us is also there as well as a few other toy stores.

A posh hair salon for children.

This shop is all bathers for girls! Including Sea Folly.

After browsing at the Forum, we went to Lucky Plaza - Wall to wall shoppers! Cheap prices! A bit grotty, but certainly worth a visit as it is a good place to get some bargains. After looking around Lucky Plaza and lunch (at Macca's again!) we went across the road to another shopping center that was more like what we are used to.Orchard Road

Back to the hotel for an afternoon swim, then Mark took the boys to a supermarket and I had a nice rest with my book for an hour or so.

Singapore River

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