Monday, September 15, 2008

Diary of our trip to Singapore - Day 8

Friday 12th of September

Today the boys and I walked up to Great World City again for lunch - they had Macca's and I had sushi. Back to the hotel where we met Mark after he had finished work early today. We went to Sim Lim Square where you can buy all sorts of electronic gadgets. We bought a mini USB vacuum cleaner for Kerin and my Dad. After this we went to Little India. Unfortunately (or fortunately as Mark would say) we didn't have much cash on us so we couldn't buy much. Little India is a great place to buy cheap Indian style tops (kaftan style) which I really like.

Little India

After Little India, we went to Bugis Market. Like the Vic Market, but with 100 times the amount of stalls in about one quarter of the space! Pretty squashy, tiny stalls and even smaller walkways between the stalls. Smoking is allowed (or if it isn't they do it anyway). A very interesting market where everyone wants to sell you something.

We then walked to Raffles where the shopping clientele is quite different to Bugis Market. Took some pics. Thought about having a Singapore Slinger there, but they were quite pricy.... and I have to save something to do on the next trip to Singapore! Back to the hotel (in a merc taxi!) and we had room service for tea.


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