Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Flight to Singapore

On Friday the 5th of September, Cameron, Nathan and I flew out of Melbourne on a Singapore Airlines flight bound for Singapore. We were finally going to see the country / city that Mark has been visiting on and off for the past several months for work. The boys were very excited to be going on an aeroplane at last. I sat between them and was mentally exhausted when we arrived in Singapore.

"What does this do?"
"What does that do?"
"What's that for?"
"What's the life jacket for?"
"When does the plane take off?"
"When can we watch a movie?"
"I can see Sunbury!"
"I don't like this food."
"How do I change the channel?"
"I want to play a game."
"I want to watch something else."
"I need to go to the toilet!"
"I can see another country!!!!" - we were only one hour into the flight.
"When are we going to get there?"
"I want to sit by the window!!!"
"I need to go to the toilet!"
"I need to go to the toilet!" - half way through the meal, said by Cameron who was sitting next to the window!
"I need to go to the toilet again!"
"When are we going to get there?"
"I need to go to the toilet!"
"I can see another country!" - well this time it was true....
"I can see China and Russia!" - pretty impressed with Cameron's knowledge of other countries in the area, however, he'd have to have pretty good eyesight, or be in a rocket to see them both!
"Is this Singapore?"
"When can we get off the plane?"

On the flight home, Mark sat between the two boys, and after 10 minutes into the flight he commented on the boys chatter. I smiled and said that I had 8 hours of that on the flight over so get used to it. Lucky for Mark, we were coming home on a flight during the night so the boys slept through most of it.

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